Working with Vashon’s queer youth to connect with and engage the community.


Speaking up to educate on issues that matter most to LGBTQ+ Island youth.


Empowering all Vashon youth to have a voice; to be heard, seen, and loved.

Scary Statistics

Gender expansive and LGBTQ+ youth are up to four times more likely to attempt suicide, are at increased risk of bullying/harassment from classmates and teachers, and have a 200% higher probability of substance use than our straight peers.


This does not mean that being queer is the cause of these challenges. More like these high rates are in part due to aggression (large and small), discrimination, family rejection, and other stressors associated with how we are treated because of our sexual or gender identity/expression.


It is your job as parents, families, friends, school, and community to help us turn these statistics on their head and create a culture of care, acceptance, and support for LGBTQ+ Youth on our Island and across the country; to give us a voice, and make sure we are heard, seen, and loved for who we truly are.


Thank you for all your support, talent and funding to make this project possible.



There are lots of resources for queer youth and their families online. Here are just a few…