Still with the restrooms

Still with the restrooms

Here’s How A Landmark Ruling On Trans Teens’ Rights Could Have A Colossal Impact On Schools…

Texas legislators are at this moment considering a special session, and, as Zack Ford notes, that means the threat of a statewide transgender “bathroom” amendment applying to public schools is still a very real. LT. Gov. Dan Patrick, who’d earlier in the year introduced a broader anti-trans bill, is the force behind getting a special session, since the legislative session ended on May 29, solely for the purpose of passing anti-trans legislation.

But a landmark ruling from the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals yesterday could complicate, diminish or thwart Patrick’s effort, or even eventually help roll back the law if it is passed and signed by Governor Greg Abbott. That’s because the big win out of the 7th Circuit could have ramifications nationwide…

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